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sâmbătă, 19 ianuarie 2013

Martisoare 2013


Lume, lume...1 martie e mai aproape decat credeti...:) asa ca e timpul sa ne pregatim. Am inceput sa lucrez la martisoarele de anul iata primele modele:

Urmeaza si alte culori... daca reusesc sa ies din toana mov...:))
Si cum n-am reusit...:)) iata inca un model:


joi, 10 ianuarie 2013

Roz cu inimioare...:) / Valentine's day card


Here's a new vintage Valentine's day card:

It's pink, with flowers and little hearts... the only thing missing is a box of chocolates... Am I right? And because I make paper stuff...:)) it should be a box of paper pralines...


marți, 8 ianuarie 2013

Felicitare rosu-alb / Red and white card

Hello all,

Here's a red and white card to go with the little gift box from a previous post.

I had some red and white checkered paper left from the box, and since no piece of paper, no matter how small, should be thrown away...:) I made this card thinking of the spring to come.
It will be part of the gift for my best friend's birthday... so now I only have to find the actual gift! :)

Card size: 11x16 cm

luni, 7 ianuarie 2013

Suport pentru creioane si biletele / Pencils and sticky notes holder


here's another project inspired by Score, Fold, Create. The templates for the pencil holder and for the sticky notes box come from the book.

I used some leftover paper from a Christmas pack by DoCrafts, but by using the little hearts to ornate it, I hope I gave it a more of an all year round feel...:) What do you think?

joi, 3 ianuarie 2013

Cutiuta rosu cu alb / Red and white gift box


As this is my first post this year, I would like to wish you all Happy New Year! and lots of new creative ideas...:)

These days I finally found the time to try some of the projects from Score, Fold, Create, a book by Dianna Crick, Penny Wessenauer and their friends. Today I shall show you my version of what in the book is called "Card & Gift Box in one".

As Valentine's day is right around the corner, I made it red and white. First I made the sleeve. After finishing the actual box, I decided to attach it to the sleeve with some double sided tape. As a result, I've been able to use part of the sleeve as a lid for the box. I kept the last part of the sleeve for the sentiment...there is a red rectangle on which you can write a few words.
In the book, the sleeve becomes the time I shall try this version too.