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miercuri, 20 iunie 2012

Cutie ornata cu legume quilling / Quilled vegetables wood box

Hello all,
I just finished this project I've been working on, for some weeks now...It is a wood box, decorated with quilled vegetables on the lid, and some decoupage vegetables on the sides. I found the idea in Elizabeth Moad's book: Thrilling Quilling

This box will be a gift for a dear friend...and so, because I have to part with it, I think I will make another one..:)
As I was saying...I made another one...:) This one has a sunflower on the lid...on the exterior and on the interior too. This was a special order...for a birthday present.

marți, 19 iunie 2012

Colier cu carticica / Little book necklace

Hello all,

In my previous post, I told you about "Street Delivery"'s what I learned to make from the teenagers from Camarila Culturala

Whoever came to see the stand, had the opportunity to create their own little book necklace, starting from a A5 sheet of paper. We also used various beads to ornate the necklace. For mine, I used some paper beads I made some time ago, and some wood beads.
I had sooo much fun making it, and being together with all those wonderful people...:) I can't wait for the next event!

duminică, 17 iunie 2012

Margele din hartie / Paper beads

Hello all,

This weekend we have in Timisoara a festival called "Street Delivery". It takes place on the street, and hosts various activities...from dancing and music, to arts and handmade goods presentations.
To celebrate this event, here are some paper beads I made, in the colors of summer. The patterned papers for the long beads, come from Artby Jean. Here you will find a fabulous collection of cliparts.

duminică, 10 iunie 2012

Racoare.../ Cool water card

Hello everyone,

This weekend was veeeery hot in a pool with cool water would be very welcomed even by me...:)) (my friends know what I mean by "even by me")
So, inspired by Pritesh's wonderful wall clock, I decided to use the same technique to make an asymmetrical, smaller structure which would be suitable for a card.
Here are the two "cool water" cards I made:

Thees two are pretty abstract, so maybe they will make you think of something other then cool water...:)
Tell me what you think!

sâmbătă, 9 iunie 2012

Inima vintage / Vintage heart card

Hello all,

today is the birthday of a dear dear friend...:). Here's the card I made for her:

As you can see, it turned out to be another vintage card... what can I say...I am hopeless...:))... Whatever I try to do, I always end up making something vintage.

This project gave me the chance to try my hand at a very easy distress ink technique, using some red and brown inks to accentuate the vintage look of the patterned paper from which the heart is made of. As I am new to stamping, I thought it's best to start small.

The card is 11.5 x 15.5 cm