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marți, 31 iulie 2012

Cumparaturile...carei fete nu-i plac? / Shopping...what girl doesn't like it? :)


As I was saying in my previous post...the COPIC markers story continues. This time it's a young lady going shopping. For the contour I used a stamp I received some time ago with a card making magazine I bought.

Being the first card done using this stamp, I colored it exactly as on the stamp cover...but I think I am going to try other variants of colors and patterns.

duminică, 29 iulie 2012

New baby girl card / Felicitare - invitatie botez fetita

Hello all,

This weekend was one of the most productive in a long time...Yesterday I bought my first COPIC markers (after many weeks of reading and researching about them), so, I couldn't stop drawing and coloring...:)
I heaven't drawn so much since I was a kid...
Here's one of the cards I actually finished:

For this card I used a stamp from Stamperia, and COPIC markers to color the stamped image.
The card in 10x15 cm.

To be continued... with the COPIC story...:)

Daca va place, o gasiti la magazinul Lavly in Timisoara...:)

duminică, 22 iulie 2012

Bubbles, bubbles...colorful bubbles

Hello all,
This weekend I finally got around using some hand painted paper I  bought last year from Rome.
It has a very interesting pattern, and a great mix of colors. I added some quilled circles in the tones of the painted paper. Here's how it looks like:

luni, 16 iulie 2012

Un ceainic cu...flori / Flowers in a tea pot


I heaven't posted for some time... we have a very hot summer in Timisoara, so I felt like doing nothing...:)
Well... almost nothing... :)) here's a teapot full of flowers dedicated to you all, and especially to my good friend Cristina, who received it for her birthday.
Have a great summer!