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joi, 16 august 2012

Fantezie roz / Pink fantasy


This has been a very creative week for me...:)
Yesterday, I began learning a new quilling technique which I found in a book. As with every new thing we start learning, I've gone through a little bit of trial and error.
Here's what came out from one of the first I thought it will be another error...:)) but in the end, when I  finished the structure,  I decided to keep it and make a card with it.

miercuri, 15 august 2012

Garofite rosii / Vintage tissue paper carnations

Hi all,

Here's my firs try at tissue paper flowers...small carnations on a vintage looking card. This will be the perfect gift for a very special lady on her birthday...


miercuri, 8 august 2012

A little bird told me...


A little blue bird told me... well... I can't tell you what...but I can show it to you for sure... :))

This card is inspired by  " Copic Coloring Guide"  from Annie's Attic.
Size: 12x15 cm , very well suited for a kid's birthday.

Daca va place, o gasiti la magazinul Lavly in Timisoara...:)

marți, 7 august 2012

Micutul peste portocaliu / Little orange fish

Hello all,

Any wishes for this summer? maybe a little bit of cool weather? Sure! :)
Here's a cute fish...ask it... maybe it will grant your wishes...

This card is inspired by  " Copic Coloring Guide  - level 2 Nature" by Colleen Schaan and Marianne Walker, which I bought from Annie's Attic.
Since, last week when I made the illustration, I haven't had the book printed yet, I sketched the fish with a pencil first, and then I colored it with COPIC markers.
The card is 10x15 cm.

Daca va place, o gasiti la magazinul Lavly in Timisoara...:)


miercuri, 1 august 2012

Testoasa rasturnata / Upside down turtle


I just got my issue of "Copic Coloring Guide" from Annie's Attic . Among the first illustrations I found a very cute turtle. The coloring technique is also described inside the book. Since I do not have the stamp to do the contour, I drawn it first with a pencil.

Here's how my turtle turned out:

I made a very small card with it. I see it as a birthday card, or a party invitation for a little kid.