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joi, 27 septembrie 2012

Felicitare cu buburuza / Ladybug card


Here's another Copic card...a joyful, red ladybug. For this card I used a rubber stamp for the outline and Copic markers to color it.

 Card size: A5

miercuri, 26 septembrie 2012

Fetita cu rochita verde / Little girl in a green dress

Hello all,

Yesterday I was browsing through "Copic Coloring Guide" by colleen Schann and Marianne Walker from Annie's Attic in search of a project to practice my skills of drawing and coloring with the Copic markers. So, I've chosen the "Friends forever" project...:) It is a card with a stamped little girl, which is then colored with the markers
Since I don't have any similar stamps I tried to draw the little girl.
Here's how my card turned out:

It is very well sited for a little girl's birthday either as a party invitation or as congratulation card. 
Card size: 10.5cm X 14.8cm

Felicitare "Good luck" / Good luck card


Today I would like to show you one of my latest cards...I made it as a special order for a colleague.
It is a project I saw in an issue of Paper Crafts Magazine, from this spring... and never got around to making it.

It is made from small origami paper tubes arranged as a a rainbow, over which I affixed a piece of cardstock     With cut out text .

Card size: A5

joi, 20 septembrie 2012

Felicitare cu hartie marmorata / Marbled paper card


Here's a new card I made using some Italian marbled paper and a few quilled elements.

I am a big fan of marbled paper, so, as soon as I will receive the book on hand painted paper I ordered from the internet, I will try the technique.

miercuri, 19 septembrie 2012

Festivalul Plai 2012 Timisoara - impreuna cu Camarila Culturala


In weekend-ul trecut, la Muzeul Satului Banatean de la Padurea Verde din Timisoara, s-a desfasurat Festivalul Plai 2012 . Aproape in fiecare an am fost la Plai ca vizitatoare a diferitelor standuri ale asociatiilor culturale care participa la festival.
Anul acesta, cu mare mare bucurie am participat ca voluntar impreuna cu Camarila Culturala. Tema noastra s-a numit "Simfonia melcilor" - un "omagiu" adus micului melc ce se misca atat de incet, dar are o casa atat de perfecta! (Poate urmarind micul melc invatam si noi sa reducem din cand in cand viteza cu care ne ducem vietile de zi cu zi...:)  ).
Vizitatorii nostri au desenat si pictat pe pietre, am facut melci din hartie, cutiute de carton ornate cu melci desenati. Am avut si o mica expozitie cu poze cu fractali, desenele lui Razvan Gaita din seria "Melc urban", pietrele desenate ale Monicai Plesca, melcii mei quilling.
Iata ce-a iesit!

carticica armonica

melcul clown - varianta maro cu roz

pionii mei pentru "Nu te supara frate!"

si regele lor, melcul clown...:))

Pentru mine a fost o suuuper experienta! :)

sâmbătă, 8 septembrie 2012

Atelier margele de hartie / Paper beads workshop


This week, on Tuesday, I held my second paper craft workshop at Incubatorul 107 Timisoara - we made paper beads.
We used some of the free sheets of paper beads designed by ArtbyJean (thanks for making them available), and some smaller paper triangles cut by me. Each participant made their own bracelets or necklaces...and every item was different from the others.
Here are some pictures from the workshop, with the beads in various stages:

Pictures:    Dragos Funaru-Ioan

 For me, it was great to discover that everyone hat sooo much patience, and rolled the beads so nicely. An all of them had such great ideas when designing their jewelry.
Thank you all for participating :)

marți, 4 septembrie 2012

Butterfly card / Felicitare cu fluturasi

Hi all,

here's a variation of one of my older butterfly cards ... in a totally different array of colors. Blue, green and turquoise.

Dimensions: 14x14 cm

duminică, 2 septembrie 2012

Atelier iris folding / Iris folding workshop

Hello all,

Last week I held my first paper crafts workshop...:) I've been invited by Incubatorul 107 Timisoara to teach some of the paper craft techniques I use in my work. I thank them very much for this opportunity...:)
It was a great experience for me (I heaven't taught a class in over10 years I think...) and I hope the participants liked it too.
We agreed on two workshops. For this first workshop I chose Iris Folding, one of my favorite paper craft techniques. We used two of the free patterns from Circle of crafters since they are very well suited for learning the first steps of iris folding: a butterfly and a square.
Here are some pictures made by the participants:

The cards we made turned out very well, especially since it was the first attempt for all of the participants.
We had fun!
On September 1st we will have the second workshop of the series; we will make paper breads. If all goes as planned, at the end of the workshop, each participant would have created his/her own necklace or bracelet.
Everyone who wishes to come is welcomed! See you there!

Update: Here's the link to the TV broadcast: