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duminică, 29 aprilie 2012

Cirese de mai/ May cherries

Yesterday I went to  Camelia's May cherries  Fimo workshop...and inspired by the very cute polymer clay cherries we made, today I created a "post-its stand" out of cardstock.

Here are my Fimo earrings and necklace made at the workshop ( we received some of the cherries and the leaves ready made from Camelia):

I loved her idea so much, that I had to follow it further and create some quilled cherries...:). For some days now, I was thinking of making a "post-its stand" as a present for a colleague of mine, but I couldn't decide how to ornate this workshop came at the perfect moment.
Here's my paper version of the cherries:


marți, 24 aprilie 2012

Broderie pe carton/ Paper embroidery card

Hello all,

At the end of last year, while visiting one of my best friends in Holland, I bought some cards with the pattern for embroidery pre-printed on them. I like them very much because they are easy to make since the steps related to transferring the design from a stencil to the card, are already done...sometimes I am lazy...:))

Here is one of them:

The center topper of the card is  a spirella disk.

duminică, 8 aprilie 2012

Felicitare/invitatie botez - New baby girl card

Today I was going through all the pictures of my projects...sorting them out and trying to keep only the best of them...:) Here's what I found...

My first baby card, and among the first quilling projects.

miercuri, 4 aprilie 2012

Cutie vintage / Vintage ghift box


Here is one of the first gift boxes I ever made (more than a year ago). I used  a cardboard box which I covered with a napkin, gave it a vintage look, varnished it, and then covered it's center with some quilling.

Then, I needed to think with what to fill it...:) something original and sweet, as it was ment to be a gift for a very dear cousin...So, I bought candied fruits, as many as I could squeez in...:) 

duminică, 1 aprilie 2012

Cutiuta origami / small origami gift box

Hello all,

since Easter is getting closer, and we all start thinking about gifts, here is a small origami box I made some time ago (before starting the blog...:) ... ).

I made it from gift wrap and decorated it with a flower made using a heart shaped punch and small golden butterflies.
Here is the tutorial I used when learning how to fold it: