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miercuri, 4 aprilie 2012

Cutie vintage / Vintage ghift box


Here is one of the first gift boxes I ever made (more than a year ago). I used  a cardboard box which I covered with a napkin, gave it a vintage look, varnished it, and then covered it's center with some quilling.

Then, I needed to think with what to fill it...:) something original and sweet, as it was ment to be a gift for a very dear cousin...So, I bought candied fruits, as many as I could squeez in...:) 

2 comentarii:

  1. Foarte frumoasa cutia realizata de tine. Imi plac imprimeul si culorile folosite!!!

    1. :) multumesc Mihaela... eram atunci intr-o epoca mov...:))
      Din pacate n-am prea facut poze la inceput... asa ca asta e cam tot ce mai pot sa arat din seria aceea...