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sâmbătă, 4 ianuarie 2014

Aquarelle paper necklaces / Medalioane din hartie pentru acuarela

Hello and Happy new year everyone!

So we have just begun a new year...for me this meant a new technique to try :)
This is a technique I learned watching Ross Barbera's videos on Youtube.
The first step was to create my patterned  paper using acrylic paints. Here's one I made yesterday and now is ready to use:

Then, I made may templates  from sturdier cardstock and cut a few pieces of plain aquarelle paper an one piece from the painted one.
After gluing everything together and varnishing the pendant to make it waterproof, here are the finished necklaces:

 With this technique... the sky is the there are more pieces to come in this collection...:)
Update:  Here's another favorite so far...:)

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