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joi, 6 decembrie 2012

Bradut din hartie reciclata / Recycled paper Christmas tree


This will be a very quick post, just to show you the small Christmas tree I made from a magazine (the idea is not mine, I found the tutorial on the internet)
The trick is to use a magazine with lots of pages, and to have a lot of patience...:) as you have to fold the magazine page by page. How it's done?
First bring the top right corner of the page to the binding of the magazine. Then fold the page one more time to the binding.
Fold like this all the pages.
In the end, fold inwards the small corners that form at the bottom of each page.
glue together the two covers of the magazine and you have your tree! It's that simple...:)

After you finish it, you can add some glitter glue or fake snow or any other embellishment you like.
Some of the pages from my tree are a little wrinkled because I had to take it to transport it in a bag...but you can get an idea about how it should look like.

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